How to Behave at the First Acquaintance

There are two main ways to get acquainted with someone. The first one is a commonplace situation in a bar or at a party when a man or a woman starts a conversation with someone he or she has liked. Alternatively, it is possible to get acquainted online – on a dating website or on a social network.

Despite the way of acquaintance, the first date is very important. There is only one chance to make the first impression. To make sure that there will be the second date, it is recommended to avoid some mistakes.

Misbehavior on the First Date to Be Avoided

  1. The first mistake is to pretend to be another person. This refers to lying about well-being, telling the stories which have never happened in one’s life or putting on the clothes borrowed from a rich friend. Earlier or later, the truth is going to be discovered, and a date will be disappointed and feel betrayed. There is no need to start a relationship with lying. If a person feels unconfident about something, it is better to pass the subject by and not to pay too much attention to photo
  2. Being self-concentrated in the course of conversation. Of course, the first date is an occasion to get to know a potential partner. Though, one shall show interest in the future date. The best result is sharing the information about each other to determine common interests and subjects to talk about.
  3. Asking the questions which are too personal is the next mistake. Getting to such topics as the relationship in family or money issues is never appropriate on the first date. Such matters can be discussed later on when a couple becomes closer and more intimate. Friendship is the foundation of a successful relationship, however, it shall be achieved step-by-step.
  4. Hinting at sex is usually not warmly accepted. The only exception is when it is really obvious that both a man and a woman are sexually attracted to each other, being unable to resist. Although, it can be quite tricky to understand. In all the other cases, paying too much attention to the subject of sex may repel a date.
  5. Telling all the unlucky stories of one’s life and whine how hard it is to live. Of course, everyone needs someone to talk to. However, the first and even the second date is not the right time and place.

The first acquaintance is an exciting event. People may worry or get too emotional. Seeing uneasiness, it is better to help a date to relax so that at the next meeting, he or she feels like a good friend.

How to Ask Her Out

Dating is a way of finding out more about each other before making any serious decisions. However, inviting a girl to date, especially for the first time, can be difficult. If a girl is pretty, she is popular, and that means that she has enough of men’s attention. It is a misleading idea that men find it very easy. Just as women are afraid of certain things, men are afraid too. Being rejected is one of those things. They take it personally and seriously.

Think of unique ways of asking a woman you like to date. Many old-school ideas are romantic. They are very successful simply because women love romantic ideas. Do you want to find out which are still good?

Old-School Ideas

Dating photo

  • One of those old but really great ideas is asking a woman to a date sending flowers with a note. Most women love flowers and find them very romantic. She will hardly resist. Use it as a chance to impress further when you meet. Do not forget to sign a note or a card so that she could understand who is inviting her.  Before sending flowers try to find which flowers she likes and whether she is not allergic. Sending a bouquet to a woman that has an allergy is an epic fail
  • It is good if you love the same band. Purchase tickets to a concert and invite her. It is a friendly way of spending time together in order to find out more about each other. Later it will create the right circumstances to invite her to a date in a more straightforward.
  • You can go a more creative way. Some people say that love for food and the same cuisine unites. It is true in many ways. If the girl is one of those, who share your love of food, use it. Order her favorite pizza or pie, and arrange delivery to home or work address. Put a not with something funny like “I know this is cheesy but I would like to ask you out”. A girl with a great sense of humor will definitely appreciate the creative approach. She will find it much more interesting than just saying “let’s go for dinner”.
  • Some women work a lot and hard. They need a break. If she is also working late, bring her a cup of her favorite coffee to her workplace. Send her a nice encouraging note showing that you like her. It is also a great way to show that you are a caring man.
  • Socially active women tend to volunteer a lot. Do it with her and propose a nice dinner as a reward for good work. Sounds really attractive.

No matter how you decide to invite her, respect her time. Plan ahead. Asking out for tomorrow is a bad idea as she probably has plans.

How to Get Acquainted with a Girl Online

Everyone has ever tried to get acquainted with someone online. It could be just a regular chat on FB or other social networks. Alternatively, one may have tried to find a partner to date on special resources and websites.

For many men, nowadays, it is quite hard to get acquainted with a girl in a cafe or bar. The reasons are various: shyness, lack of confidence or a trivial shortage of time. However, the great benefit of the modernity is that it provides plenty of solutions for each problem which appears due to high requirements imposed by the world.

Hence, there are plentiful dating websites and resources offering matchmaking services. The greatest advantage of the sites for online acquaintances is the possibility to make own choice and to use in the most convenient time and place.

Tips to Meet a Girl Online

dating photo


  • The most important is to honestly answer the question to yourself: “Which relationship do I want?” Depending on the response, for dating or a hookup, a man shall look for the relevant resource or website.
  • Then, it is essential to carry research to find out if the chosen website is reliable. The best way is to read the policy of privacy and confidentiality. After, a man may also google and read the feedback from the users.
  • The next step is to log on a dating website and create own profile page which shall be quite truthful and remarkable in some way. To attract a girl, it is recommended to define the most peculiar features and interests and describe them on the profile page. A brief report alike to an interview won’t catch a potential girlfriend.
  • Particular attention shall be paid to the profile picture as well as other photos which are uploaded. They shall be friendly. The best option is to upload the pictures from vacations, leisure activities, doing sports or involved in the hobby.
  • After everything is ready, a man may start looking for an attractive girl on a website, read profiles, and start chatting.

dating photo

It is recommended to carefully check the page of a girl before sending her a hello message. The pictures shall be real and not too photoshopped. It is better not to consider profile without pictures. There is no reason to log on a dating website without the intention to inform other users about oneself.

When the choice is made, a man shall start chatting and getting to know a potential partner. Of course, it may take some time until he gets to know this girl and understands if she matches him and if she is the one. Even if it has happened that the interest is lost, it is not the reason for disappointment. Besides, the greatest advantage of dating websites is the possibility to communicate with several potential dates at the same time so that there is a chance to make a choice.

Dating websites are offering a very convenient opportunity for lonely people to meet the love of their lives. So do not miss the opportunity to find your partner!

Gift Ideas When Meeting a Girl for the First Time

It is easy to purchase a gift for a person you know well enough, especially a friend. You definitely know the interests and hobbies of your friends. It helps narrow down the search for a great gift. However, everybody knows that men are easier to please than women. It is becoming a real challenge when you need to buy a gift for a girl that you meet for the first time. Bringing a gift for the first date instead of flowers is a good idea. Even though all women love flowers, a small gift is a good gesture.

Get a Great Gift

  • Personal organizer or a day planner is a great choice for a businesswoman. Today you can find a huge number of nice day planners that combine great design and creative approach to standard thing. A creative girl working in a  design company will like a personal organizer with motivational phrases of public people or funny phrases. It is a nice small gift but very memorable. A good way to remind about yourself every photo
  • A small item to place on the table in the office or at home is one way to remind about yourself. It is a good idea, especially in the first stages of relations. In fact, it is much better than bombarding her with thousands of messages. It does not mean that you should not send her text messages. There are just other ways to show you care.
  • Monogrammed necklace is a tailor-made gift. Every woman wants to feel special. Giving her an item that was designed specifically for her will make her feel unique. It does not have to be an expensive item of jewelry. On the contrary, this is a bad idea for the first date. It might make a bad impression of you. Expensive gifts look like you are trying to buy her.
  • A cashmere scarf is a perfect choice in the winter time. Purchase a high-quality scarf to make her feel warm in winter. Pay attention to the color of her clothes so that the scarf would match. She will look trendy, and what is more important, photo
  • If you already know a lot about your new date because you were friends for some time or worked together, think of how she spends time. Some girls love reading and will appreciate getting a great book as a gift. There are great books about design, motivation, traveling, etc. she might be interested in a particular topic. Think about it.
  • Tickets to a concert of her favorite band is a good way to meet again. Buy them in advance, as tickets run out quickly. She will be head over ears happy and grateful.

Be a little attentive and get her a perfect gift.

How to Define Reliable Dating Websites

Online dating has become as commonplace as ordering a takeaway for dinner. At first sight, everything seems so simple. Log on a website, create a profile page, upload pictures, and done. Indeed, the procedure is very simple for a regular user of a PC. Though, the most particular attention shall be paid to the choice of a website for online acquaintances.

dating photo

There are two main problems which can be faced on dating websites. The first one is a fake resource which is used to attract lonely people in search of a partner and to hook them on some costly services. The scheme is the following: a girl on a website gets acquainted with a man. After some time of chatting, they set a date.

Coming to the set place, a “friend” or a “colleague” of this girl appears informing a man that his date has urgently left on business. However, she works for a matchmaking agency which may help every lonely soul to find a partner and proposes a contract for consideration. The second problem is the lack of control by a website. The resource itself is supposed to serve as a dating site, though, there are lots of fake profiles and scammers.

How to Avoid Being Deceived

People who have been cheated on a dating website become disappointed and sometimes give up the idea to meet someone online. There are some essential features which may help to identify if a website is reliable or not, thus, will help to avoid frustration.

  • The first task to do is to make a research. After fifteen minutes of googling, it is feasible to get general comprehension if the users have been satisfied with a website and its services.
  • After completion of an external investigation, it is the time to check a website internally. It is important to read the section of policy where one can find the information about the protection of personal data, confidentiality liability, and the way a website checks the profiles of users.

dating photo

Reliable websites have special algorithms which check, for instance, the pictures uploaded by the users. Comparing them to the photos available on the Internet, it is possible to identify if they really belong to a particular user.

  • Then, one may send several requests to the support asking how a website checks profiles. In such a way, a user may find out more about the readiness of a resource to get involved in case of troubles.

Unfortunately, sometimes, cheaters are so professional that even after thorough scrutiny, one can hardly understand that this is a fake site. The most important is not to agree to transfer money for any purposes other than additional services. If it has happened that you have become a victim of such fake resources, spend some time on writing true feedback on the Internet so that other users are not cheated in the future. And do not give up, even negative experience is sometimes useful. The next website may become a platform to meet the love of a lifetime.